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Bali vs. Levolor Blinds

Who makes the best window blinds? Is Bali better than Levolor? You will discover a substantial price difference when comparing Levolor to Bali custom blinds online. The same material and size Bali blind will be cheaper than Levolor. The blinds are identical in every other way, so many consumers ask why do Bali blinds cost less than Levolor?

Bali Blinds was founded in 1864 making it a much older and more experienced company than Levolor which was founded in 1914. Bali Blinds has more employees as well, and seems to be the more successful.

The only category in which Levolor has a higher number than Bali is the price!

levolor warped blinds
misstrung levolor

We have sampled both products through the years, and our most recent sample is 2022. It was our findings that the Bali Blinds were superior to Levolor in every way.

bali wood blinds privacy slats
bali wood blinds

From the packing procedures which make removing the blinds from the box and easily installing them to the quality of the blinds themselves Bali remained superior to Levolor.

A Letter from John & Cindy in Cincinatti

Thank you for this instructive website comparing Bali to Levolor real wood blinds and providing a forum to share our experience with Blinds.com.

In short, the representatives at Blinds.com are liars and thieves without a soul. If you are considering buying blinds of any kind, do not trust blinds.com.

My wife and I found their website two years ago when Googling “the cheapest prices for real wood blinds”.

Regrettably we believed what the sales rep told us on the phone about their return policy which was a total lie. They promise to return mismeasured blinds – but the strings that control the blinds were not installed correctly. The blinds did not go up and down evenly, and they would not open and close either.

bali vs levolor blinds

We spent hours making and sending videos to the reperesentatives at Blinds.com, but they claimed the quality of our video was bad and they could not see what we were talking about. We even went borrowed our neighbor’s NIKON camera to capture 4K video. They said the file was too big. So we made it smaller and they said they could not open it. All lies! This is the blinds.com MO! They try and wear you down over months and months until you simply give up and accept the loss.

levolor from blinds.com

After a few months, the Blinds.com representative got really ugly with my wife. He told her that “we were never getting our money back, so give up and quit wasting everyone’s time”.

levolor real wood blinds

They acted like she was stupid for jumping through so many of their hoops to try and get a refund for their crappy blinds. My wife even went to their office address; which was fake. She did a bit of snooping and discovered that the blinds.com blinds are actually made in Mexico, not the United States like their website claims.

I was so angry about their attitude I filed for a chargeback on our credit card. Another huge waste of time. I filed the paperwork and followed the bankcard chargeback procedure for weeks and they rejected our chargeback.

I spoke with an attorney who said that the credit card companies make money on every swipe of their credit card, (even more when you buy online where swiping is impossible) so they have every reason to side with the merchant. Besides, what are we going to do about it? Cancel our credit card? They win, we lose.

Disgruntled customers should band together and file a class action lawsuit against blinds.com. Let me know if it ever happens.

Attached please find our pictures, thanks.

John and Cindy S.
Cincinatti, OH